Affiliate Marketing is like window shopping where everybody receives a participation trophy as long they put in the action to fulfill. This is a site created and dedicated to the foundational blocks that contributed to my interest and knowledge acquiring growth. I kept hearing to pick a single niche to get started, but that never did appeal much to me, so here we have Niche This Niche That, where I get to promote multiple niches within the Art & Design world.




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Affiliate Partners

As an affiliate partner, I may earn commission on qualifying purchases made through the links within this site at no extra cost to you, the buyer. Happy shopping!

Are you a "rebellious" one? Want to showcase ReBel ProFessional "attire"?

Art Supply Stores

Blick Art Supplies

Arteza Art Supplies

Graphic Design

Clip Studio Paint



Story Time!

Everyone seemed to be talking about Affiliate Marketing without really showing or explaining how to do it.

 Sometimes the last 2%  of the "how-to" is connecting your puzzle pieces.

They have shown you more than you might realize.

It felt like I was never going to figure it out.

Then the puzzle of enlightenment occured.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

To promote goods and services that were pieces of the puzzle to freedom.

I had to reevaluate the negative stigma of marketing advertisements.

We share our knowledge.

As the individual, you must act.